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Heat Treatment Services.

We introduce ourselves as specialist in the field of On Site, Offshore & In-house Heat Treatment services. We are geared up with experience engineers & technicians fully conversant with advanced equipments and techniques to cope up with any On Site
and Offshore jobs anywhere in the world.

Over two decades, the company has successfully completed over 80,000 heat treatment jobs in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives and in Middle East (Iraq). The services rendered are Pre heat, Post heat, Stress Relieving, normalizing, Refractory heat up, Intermediate Stress Relieving, Hydrogen Diffusion, Solution Annealing etc.

Heat treatment process is carried out by using following methods.

* Electrical Resistance Heating
* Internal Heating by using Gas / Oil fuel High Velocity Burner
* Temporary Gas / Oil / Electrical Fired Furnace

Indotherm is recognized by various inspection agencies in India and abroad.
Indotherm has successfully completed heat treatment of following jobs.

A. Horton Spheres ( max. Size dia. 22.5 mtr. X 78 mm thk. )
B. Mounded LPG Bullets ( max. Size dia. 7.1 mtr. X 103 mtr. Long. )
C. LPG Storage Bullets.
D. Thin Wall Petroleum Storage Tanks ( Max. Size dia. 12 mtr. x 11 mtr, height )
E. Various Columns & Ammonia Converter.
F. Pressure Vessels.
G. Penstocks for Hydroelectric Power Plant.
H. Coke Chambers, Steam Drums.
I. Reactor Vessels of Nuclear Power Plant.
J. Power & Gas Pipelines.
Indotherm has served following industries in India & abroad.
A. Crude Refineries
B. Petrochemical Plants.
C. Hydroelectric Power Plants.
D. Nuclear Power Plants.
E. Thermal Power Plants.
F. Fertilizer Plants.
G. Cement Plants.
H. Shipping Industry.
I. Aviation Industry.
J. Sugar Plants.
K. Natural Gas Corporation.
Apart from above our sister concern company M / s. Indo Therm Test House is involved in Non Destructive Examination services rendering Radiographic, Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant Testing.
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